Cindy Tawiah


Cindy Tawiah, a visionary entrepreneur and compassionate advocate, is the driving force behind The Diva Project. As the founder of this non-profit organization based in Upperco, Cindy's journey is fueled by a deep passion to empower homeless women and victims of domestic violence, helping them rediscover their strength and dignity.

A survivor of domestic violence herself, Cindy's personal experience has been a catalyst for her unwavering commitment to make a difference in the lives of others. In 2004, she took her entrepreneurial spirit and transformed it into a beacon of hope through The Diva Project. Starting with a hair salon and her Diva by Cindy Hair Product Line, she seized the opportunity to give back to her community in a profound way.

Driven by the desire to create a safe space for survivors, Cindy established The Diva Project's assistance services, providing counseling, resources, and holistic support to those in need. Her workshops and awareness programs shine a light on the realities of domestic violence, fostering empathy and advocacy within communities.

Beyond her advocacy efforts, Cindy's Diva by Cindy Hair Product Line serves as a unique channel to fund The Diva Project's initiatives. By offering natural, alcohol-free hair products that promote healthy hair growth, Cindy has found a way to marry her passion for beauty and compassion. The proceeds from each sale contribute directly to supporting survivors on their journey to healing and restoration.

Cindy's dedication to breaking the cycle of domestic violence has not gone unnoticed. Her work has garnered recognition and accolades from various organizations and communities. However, her true reward lies in the transformed lives of the brave women who find solace and empowerment through The Diva Project.

With a vision that transcends boundaries, Cindy envisions a future where every survivor finds strength, every voice is heard, and every community stands together against domestic violence. Her relentless pursuit of positive change continues to inspire others to join the movement and create a world free from fear, one diva at a time.


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